The German Consulate in Karachi was looking to streamline visa processes and the applicant journey management. Having evaluated the Qmatic solution, the consulate management very much lauded the wonders it can bring to enhance customer experience.

The Challenges

Eliminating queues and availability of statistics were a dire need, demanding immediate attention. The consulate management focused on these and came up with a list of aspects that needed streamlining:

  • Segregate the visitors in distinct groups as per the visa type.
  • Record the statistics because they are a much needed commodity in wake of aspects like global and regional security measures, economic planning of any country.
  • Streamline the customer flow related aspects, so that the burden and stress on staff are reduced.

The Solution – Qmatic Solo

A good fit for small to medium sized organisations, the Solo solution comprising a ticket printer, and Qmatic Spotlight app on an LED screen installed in the waiting area, delivered the value much needed and helped the consulate management in overcoming the challenges. Counter terminals are equipped with tablets having Solo Connect app installed. These tablets and Qmatic Spotlight app on LED screen communicate with the Solo server over a WiFi connection.

Statistics are available for every visa applicant visit and visa processes follow an organised manner. This signifies that challenges have been overcome and the right value delivered with a reduction in staff stress levels and a satisfied visitor base.

In the space of customer experience and journey management, Solo is the solution of choice for small to medium size organisations requiring limited processing. It delivers the performance as per benchmark KPIs and offers real value for money.