With an impressive growth, Chughtai’s leadership recognised the need to create efficient flow in their sample collection centres. Each day around one thousand people walk through their Regional Collection Center in Lahore.

A challenge to improve patient flow and decrease waiting times

With an ever increasing footfall, the process time from patient registration and then the sample collection needed to be reduced. Patients would often wait 15 to 20 minutes before being served. People would have to wait in queues and staff needed to call out customer names to call them for service. 


Chughtai Lab turned to S-Tech’s for improving the patient journey.

With thousand’s of installations nationwide and a highly qualified Qmatic team, S-Tech carried out journey mapping activities to optimise patient flow. S-Tech was able to identify key problems and areas of improvement. Key performance indicators were reviewed considering Qmatic SOLO and a plan of action was presented to optimise patient journey across all touch points at Chughtai Lab’s Lahore Head office.

Intro 8, Qmatic’s 8″ touch screen ticket printer welcomes patients with a clear and user friendly interface. The patient chooses appropriate option from the Intro 8 and is issued a ticket. The ticket is then called for registration and then the same ticket pops up at one of the sample collection counters. Qmatic’s white LED status and counter displays show serving numbers. Qmatic reports and live data give complete insight of operations and improve patient experience.

Qmatic Intro 8


  • Improved patient experience and increased productivity among staff
  • Reduction in wait times and operating cost
  • Centralised reporting visibility as well as live dashboards

About Chughtai Lab

From humble beginnings in 1983, Chughtai Lab now, is the largest network of a laboratory in Pakistan with 1 Central Lab, 6 STAT Labs and 160+ locations in more than 50 cities of Pakistan.