Qmatic Pakistan – Customer Queue Management System by S-Tech

With over 1200+ installations and counting, Qmatic is the most comprehensive and trusted queue management solution in Pakistan.

Qmatic Queue Management

S-Tech has years of experience in providing customer management solution to various corporations in Pakistan. We are one of the pioneer providers of customer management system in Pakistan with the help of Qmatic – A queue management system. S-Tech being the pioneer in adapting changing customer preferences and technology introduced Qmatic – Queue management system in Pakistan to cater the increasing customer management problems for different organizations which include banking sector, government sectors and other sectors where token calling system is implemented. S-Tech is one of the authorized providers of Queue management system in Pakistan.

Qmatic is the pioneer of queue management, and today it is one of the leading companies in the world offering customer experience management. Qmatic customer management systems run in 122 countries and they have 11 subsidiaries and 100 partners worldwide.

We introduced Qmatic – Customer Management Solution in Pakistan in the year 2000 and today you are most likely to find our signature where customer flows are managed efficiently with Token Calling System.

Qmatic is the world’s number one company in connecting demand with service whereby creating remarkable customer experiences. As the number one leader, Qmatic have been doing it for over 30 years. Read more

Queue Management System Features

S-Tech provides organizations with advanced queue management system in Pakistan. It is a customer flow management system that allows the customers to be organized with the help of token calling system. By using this you can organize your customers in an efficient and effective manner to avoid any hassles and mismanagement. Here are some other features of using customer management system, which maximize your:

– Productivity

– Sales

– Customer Satisfaction

By using Customer management solution – Qmatic, you can minimize your:

– Waiting Time

– Cost of service

– Customer Turnover

Contact S-Tech now to avail our Qmatic Pakistan – customer management services and witness the efficiency yourself!

Would you like to deliver excellent experiences, improve your service, grow your business, increase revenue and acquire new customers, while selling more products to current customers? Talk to us, we have been in the Customer management solution for business for more than 30 years. Read more

Intro 17 - Self Service Kiosk

Keeping the world in GO!

We’re for companies that take pride in helping the world move at a smooth pace. Who see waiting and disconnected service as their arch enemies. Companies who want to humanize the experience and keep the world in GO!

Electronic Queuing Solutions

Qmatic is by far the largest and most successful global manufacturer and supplier of modern electronic queuing solutions. Our customer management system puts you in control of your customer’s experience. It allows you to define the way your team will handle customers when they visit your branch – any of your branches. Token calling system allows your whole organisation to work in harmony – no matter how large or complex it is.

Mobile Queuing System

A Queue Management system from Qmatic helps you organize your queues by providing visitors with virtual and linear queuing solutions, booked appointments or more sophisticated methods like mobile apps and SMS messages. With Mobile Queuing System, customers can get tickets on their apps, reschedule their appointments and even checkin to the system when they have arrived.Read more

Qmatic Mobile Queuing System

Some of the major features of our customer management solution are:

  • A total range of system covering basic queuing system need to sophisticated, multi branch, multi-region enterprise solutions.
  • Comes with mobile and cloud capabilities.
  • Fully integrated and modern BI system
  • Well defined integration gateways with web service connectors
  • Software and hardware engineered to work together and proved in thousands of installations.


  • Manage and minimize queues to improve efficiency and customer experience.
  • Gather statistics in our BI system to drive operational excellence.
  • Improve sales and lower your cost.

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