Meeting Rooms Solution

S-Tech’s Meeting Room Solution is part of our Digital Signage offering.

Scheduling of meeting rooms usage is a nightmare and a valuable time is wasted due to unavailability of meeting rooms or clash of planned meetings.

With S-Tech’s Meeting Room solution organisations can better plan their meeting rooms real estate and also display relevant info at all meeting rooms. Upcoming meetings and organiser’s info is displayed on a small screen on the meeting room’s entrance.

Meeting Room Management

Save valuable time!

In the lobby, Employees can view meeting schedule on sophisticated small-screen displays, which are wall-mounted next to the entrance of each meeting room. These displays show a timeline of meeting schedules, company content, safety information and emergency signs. Alarm feature changes the content based on special events or alarms.

DigiSign Meeting Rooms solutions is a user-friendly and convenient option for organisations wishing to streamline the management of their meeting rooms and save time.


  • Display important details like upcoming and current meeting information, including images and text.
  • Centralised handling of all changes.
  • Gives users an overview of all available meeting rooms and shared workspaces.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any third party software.
  • Saves time and frees up staff for other important tasks.
Meeting Room Exit sign

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