Continental Biscuits Limited have their head office in Karachi. CBL is also manufacturer of LU biscuits in Pakistan. Their unrivalled portfolio of brands has been meeting consumer needs for well over two decades. Meeting rooms in their head office have been witness to many successful decisions in the past.   

The challenge: Manage meeting room bookings

With a thriving demand in their products there is a constant need of coordination between departments and employees. Meeting rooms have been constantly used for this purpose.

Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL) faced issues with management of their meeting rooms with respect to their scheduling and reservations. Updating the meeting room schedule and notifying staff had been a task which was unnecessarily complex and time consuming. S-Tech was entrusted with revamping their existing meeting room management process with an innovative solution.

Meeting rooms solution
Meeting rooms solution


S-Tech Meeting Room Solution has been deployed at Continental Biscuits Limited Head Office. The solution is saving time and resources and helping inform staff about current and future bookings through 10.1 inch screens installed near the entrance to each meeting room. Company content, safety information and emergency signs can also be displayed as per requirement. An alarm feature is enabled which can switch content based on special events or alarms. 


The solution is adding to the success at CBL. S-Tech Meeting Room Solution has a high user adoption rate, and employees regularly book meeting rooms and appreciate how easy the process has become. It is a user-friendly and convenient solution for organisations wishing to streamline the management of their meeting rooms.