Digital Signage

Convey your message at the right time, to the right audience, instantly. Say Hello to S-Tech Digital Signage. S-Tech has been passionate about Technology and its impact on people therefore we provide our customers with Intelligent digital solutions so that they can communicate with their audience in an attractive manner with our Digital Signage System. Our Digital Signage Solution of LED Display boards will increase customer engagement, impact overall sales, support branding activities and provide an overall experience to your target audience to support your business objectives.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage Stand

Digital Signage Stands

A floor stand gives mobility and can be used in a number of locations & events. Touch feature is optional to increase interaction. Digital Signage Stands are manufactured with highest quality material to international standards. It is a professional product that houses a screen covered by safety tempered glass. It is used to show multimedia content on the screen and can be placed anywhere indoors for 24 hour seamless operation. Just plug in your USB or use one of our Signage Players to show content on it and you will be good to go.

Digital Signage Screens

Show your content on one or many screens placed on a wall. This is good for space saving and ideal for many locations. Touch feature is optional to increase interaction. Digital Signage Screens come with customised frames. Show weather, multimedia content, news tickers, twitter feeds or other relevant content on the screen. Our Signage Players combine with Digital Signage Screens to bring your customer areas  to life and help you in marketing and active waiting.

Digital Signage Screen