Customer Feedback

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The only tool to predict future sales, loyalty and recommendations is scientific measurement of customer satisfaction.

Using our Customer Feedback solution discover the true voice of your customers and through our tailored surveys in multiple languages, accurately capture their feedback at various touch points of their experience with customer feedback system.

Quick and painless!

Giving feedback should be quick and painless for your customers. Customer Feedback Solution by S-Tech helps you achieve this goal.

As a business manager you know that customer feedback is key. You use comment cards in the hope of getting feedback but you know how slow and inaccurate they can be. You need someone to compile all that info daily and then you can never be sure that negative comments about your products, service or staff are reaching you instead of the waste bin! You may already be investing time and resources but you are not getting the feedback you need to satisfy your customers.

For a fraction of the investment you make on getting feedback, S-Tech’s Customer Feedback Solution will give you instant response without any staff intervention and you may even have a shot at satisfying an unhappy customer before he/she steps out of your place of business.

Higher Response Rates

We are all somebody’s client on a daily basis and as such, we value the customer experiences which make us happy. By using customer feedback system, S-Tech lets you capture how your customers feel in the moment. Higher response rates, richer insight and the opportunity to take real-time inspired action for their satisfaction and make happy customers into lifelong advocates with Customer Feedback Solution by S-Tech.

Capture How Your Customers Feel

Boost customer feedback and receive more feedback than all other channels combined. Receive instant actionable insights. Get alerted and react before negative reviews spread. Get closer to your clients, add a personal touch and show you really care through our Customer Feedback Solution.

4 easy steps to your customer feedback solution:

  • Set Up – Get our all in one instant customer feedback system

  • Get Feedback and Alerts – Start collecting feedback and act instantly when a client is at risk

  • Analyse and Tune – Close gaps and satisfy your customers