Pakistan’s biggest mobile network operator, Jazz has deployed Qmatic’s enterprise platform Orchestra. Jazz customer experience centres across the country are connected to Qmatic Orchestra server and everything from kiosks to displays as well as all the software is managed centrally.

The challenge: Finding a true enterprise solution

With over 69 million subscribers, Jazz is the biggest mobile operator in the country. To successfully operate at this scale and deliver best in class services it is imperative to have world leading technology to support operations and customer services. Jazz tried and tested multiple solutions before selecting Qmatic Orchestra as the true enterprise solution. Orchestra can not only scale but also comes with industry leading features. It’s modular structure allows for flexibility and seamless integration possibilities.

Qmatic at Jazz
Qmatic at Jazz


Qmatic Orchestra helps Jazz implement their customer journey strategy successfully. With true enterprise capabilities, Orchestra empowers Jazz to keep their finger on the pulse of customer service at all centres. Qmatic Intro 17 Kiosk allows fast processing for walk-in customers. They are identified through their cell numbers which helps the staff serve them more efficiently. Dashboards allow the management to follow everything live and historical data is available with analysis in easy to use data reporting. The UI for counter staff has been designed for speed and ease thus helping them shorten the service time.

Qmatic Appoinments

Jazz has also opted to utilise the appointments feature in Qmatic Orchestra. This enables their customers to book appointments beforehand and arrive at their scheduled time. This helps save precious time for the customer as they don’t wait and also allows managers to prepare for expected customer flow accordingly.

Qmatic appointments at Jazz
Qmatic appointments in Jazz


Jazz went live with Qmatic in the beginning of 2021. S-Tech’s experienced team has ensured that Qmatic runs with 100% uptime. Qmatic Orchestra’s enterprise features such as high availability, hardware monitoring, staff notifications as well as GDPR conformity are assisting Jazz in implementing world class customer service to their customers.

Empowered with an advanced customer flow management solution and a Qmatic premium partner to rely on, Jazz is poised to advance their customer services to new levels.