In these testing times we have to stay composed and continue to do what we are good at. We will overcome the pandemic InshaAllah.

Precautions recommended by WHO and local health authorities will help slow down the spread and flatten the curve. Having said that there will be individuals who will still need to leave their homes to keep the ecosystem running for the rest. Then there will be others who will need to step out to get necessary services or products.

If you use Qmatic then following information will assist in minimising exposure during customer facing operations.

1. Dedicated Ticket Printer Operator

Instead of asking your customers to take tickets using the Qmatic Ticket Printer, have one of your staff do it when needed (if you need to relocate your ticket printer please contact us).

Qmatic Intro 8
Qmatic Displays in a waiting area

2. Seat customers apart

Now that customers have tickets they don’t have to wait inside a room or sit next to each other. They could walk out and return when it is their turn. You could arrange your waiting area furniture in such a way to keep 1.5 meter distance between seats. If you would like to relocate or add Waiting Area Displays please let us know.

3. Call Next only when done

Generally we try to save time and click/press NEXT even before the current customer has left our desk. To avoid customer to customer contact, we should advise our staff to only call the next customer when the current person has left the counter/desk.

Qmatic Displays in a waiting area
Digital Signage Stands

4. Mobile Ticket

Facilitate end-customers by allowing them to queue virtually using their phone, eliminating the pain and risks of waiting within a certain area. Qmatic’s mobile ticket solution enables customers to get in line before arriving at the branch. It also allows customer at the branch to select a mobile ticket, giving them the flexibility to wait where ever they desire while still being able to monitor their place in line.

Anyone with a smartphone and a web browser can access the mobile ticket – there is no need to download yet another app. If you are looking for a ticketless system with minimum risk of exposure to clients and staff then this is the ultimate solution!

5. Appointments

One of the most important things to consider in order to reduce the waiting time in the waiting room and subsequently the risk of spreading desease, is an appointment solution. By enabling patients to book an appointment in advance, you decrease the number of patients waiting for a drop-in appointment as drop-ins often cause long waiting times and crowded waiting rooms. An appointment solution allows you to plan work-load in advance and steer appointments to less busy hours. Your Qmatic solution may be upgraded to include Appointment management as well. Contact us to find out more.

Qmatic Appointments
Qmatic App

6. Urgent Qmatic deployments from the Cloud.

Some situations may require urgent Qmatic deployments to manage customer queues for makeshift venues. These scenarios could involve virus testing or treatment processes where patients must not come in contact with each other.  We have the right solution for this that runs from the cloud and it can be deployed in a few minutes via internet. You could use it for a few hours, days or weeks. The solution involves issuing tickets through SMS and later on informing customers of their turn via SMS as well. The staff can use their mobile phones to call next numbers. It is a totally wireless Qmatic solution and all you need is internet to make it work. For more information about our Cloud solutions please contact us.

We are available to assist the community in minimising the spread of this virus. Feel free to discuss your scenario with our team to find out how better management of customer flows can save lives.

Together, we will overcome this pandemic InshaAllah!