Qmatic facilitates 2500 patients daily at DHQ Hospital Toba Tek Singh.

Efficient delivery of health services to citizens is any government’s top priority. With increasing automation it is now easier for governments to provide many of these services under one roof. Qmatic helps improve service delivery to citizens around the world.

Qmatic Orchestra has made it possible for the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Toba Tek Singh to treat its patients efficiently in a more organised manner.

DHQ Hospital Toba Tek Singh initially built as a dispensary in 1905 was upgraded to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in 1919. It was further upgraded to District Headquarters Hospital in 1982. Today DHQ Hospital Toba Tek Singh caters to the whole district with an area of 3252 km² and a population of almost 2.2 million. The OPD flow is estimated to be 2,500 patients per day .

The Challenge

With the growing inflow of patients it was impossible to provide health services without a streamlined patient flow management system. The process is such that patients usually have to pass through multiple stages to get treated. These stages include registration, vitals checkup and then finally being transferred to the concerned department for the actual checkup. Each stage having waiting queues in addition to different patient categories like senior citizens, ladies and children. Without a well designed patient flow and an efficient queue management system to support the different scenarios, it was simply not possible for the hospital administration to serve this many patients daily. Having to go to a hospital due to a medical ailment is already stressful and a poorly managed patient flow would make it even worse.

Solution – Qmatic Orchestra integrated with HIMS

Qmatic Orchestra solution has made it possible for the DHQ Hospital to provide its patients with a better level of service starting from their arrival at the hospital till their complete treatment. Patients are all