S-Tech partners with E-Khidmat Citizen Facilitation Centres.

E-Khidmat centres are equipped with Qmatic to facilitate the delivery of services to citizens in Punjab. This is one of the many projects of PITB, the technology arm of the Government of Punjab. PITB is enabling the government to provide better services and improve governance. In this video you can have a glimpse of the Qmatic at E-Khidmat Lahore as well as many projects undertaken by PITB under the leadership of Dr. Umar Saif.

S-Tech partners with E-Khidmat

Punjab Information Technology Board

The Punjab Information Technology Board, an autonomous body set by Government of the Punjab, provides the foundation for Punjab’s innovation economy. PITB’s immense efforts towards better and transparent governance reforms have been acknowledged globally as well.

S-Tech partners with E-Khidmat in Punjab


As Qmatic’s partners in Pakistan, S-Tech introduced the concept of managing queues 16 years ago. You are likely to see our signature at over 1400 locations in Pakistan where customer experience is managed efficiently.