Ideas by Gul Ahmed is an Iconic name in the Fashion Retail Industry of Pakistan and is owned by one of the biggest textile houses in the country. Ideas by Gul Ahmed is synonymous with the finest quality in Fabric, Apparel, Home Textile, Accessories, Shoes & Bags.

Gul Ahmed fosters a culture where their people are determined to deliver with excellence at the highest integrity and optimum service standards. Each day begins with an objective to make customers feel more satisfied!

Listening to customers and acting on their feedback is imeprative for a top brand. Gul Ahmed turned to S-Tech for their requirement of a robust Customer Feedback Solution. The solution helps Gul Ahmed keep their fingers on the pulse of customer satisfaction. The solution captures customer feedback and their contacts. The feedback is automatically stored and is ready for reporting.

Any unsatisfactory response is immediately sent to management by email. They can take measures even before the client has left their premises.