Flydubai was launched in March 2008 by the government of Dubai in order to introduce the city’s first low-cost airline. 5 years after its inaugural commercial flight, Flydubai is now making more than 1,400 flights a week with over 500 pilots and 1,000 cabin crew taking thousands of passengers to 90 different destinations.

The huge number of flights ensures and endorses the fact that Flydubai takes good cares of their customers and makes sure that their customers witness a superior experience from the beginning of their journey till the end.

All journeys start at the ticketing office therefore efficient management of customer flows is a top priority.  Flydubai relies on Qmatic, the world’s leading solution in queue management. S-Tech provided Flydubai with a smart, modern and efficient Qmatic solution for their Karachi ticket office. The solution is based on Qmatic Solo coupled with TVs and advanced software. Qmatic Solo does not require a PC and everything in the system is managed through the powerful networked Solo Ticket Printer. The TV screens show multimedia content along with queue information and automated announcements through Qmatic Spotlight app. Staff use a browser based software to call and serve customers. There is no software installation on client computers. They can even use their mobile phones to call and serve customers.