Qmatic Ticket Roll

One of the main components of a Qmatic solution is the ticket paper roll. With thousands of tickets being printed daily, the printer is designed to work efficiently for years, provided Qmatic Ticket Paper Roll is used.


Qmatic Ticket Roll TP

Qmatic Ticket Roll TP

Qmatic Ticket Roll for TP Printers

Qmatic Ticket Roll TP 2000 are used for TP series Qmatic Printers and Kiosks. Each roll contains 2000 thermal tickets. With Qmatic Tickets you have the perfect solution for all Qmatic kiosks. The cutting system is shaped in such a way that each ticket is separated by a designed pattern. It eliminates the risk of jamming and it is easier to tear off. The result is reduced mechanical stress on the printer output mechanism, fewer service calls and extended lifetime of the entire system.

Qmatic Ticket Roll TP 2000 Specs

  • Contains 2000 thermal tickets.
  • Designed for Qmatic kiosks.
  • The ticket roll is produced of top quality thermal paper.
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • Each ticket has Qmatic logo at the back.
  • It is possible to deliver a unique message or use a ticket set as a coupon. Just add your information directly in the software and you will have your own designed ticket together with the queue number.
  • Do you want to add your logo or use the ticket as part of a content marketing plan? Just give us a call and we will arrange an exclusive ticket roll just for you.
Qmatic Ticket Roll BP

Qmatic Ticket Roll BP

Qmatic Ticket Roll for