Beware of Qmatic ripoffs.

When you search for Qmatic, the internet may lead you to a website that has no connection with Qmatic whatsoever but advertises it’s low quality token system as Qmatic. S-Tech is the only Qmatic partner in Pakistan since the year 2000 and we are the reason you see so many queue systems popping up everywhere.

Confusing the customer.

Qmatic has been the pioneer and world leader in queue management since early 80s. Over 60,000 solutions have been sold worldwide and approximately a quarter of the world’s population passes through Qmatic annually. Due to it’s global presence, Qmatic has become synonymous with token systems, queue management systems and customer flow management systems, whatever you wish to call them. Some vendors take advantage of Qmatic‘s popularity and try to confuse the customer. So beware of such copycats and imposters.

What to do?

Qmatic has been the leader for many reasons and quality has been at the forefront of their hardware. All Qmatic hardware is made in Sweden in Qmatic‘s own state of the art facility. Your customer flow management tool should be top class as it is the first impression your clients will get. Therefore you must ensure that you have Qmatic‘s Swedish quality hardware, which will serve you for years without any hardware failures.

With other vendors you always run the risk of a packaged solution. They never have control over quality and supply of hardware. Some of our customers have switched to Qmatic after being mislead into buying a low quality token system being sold as Qmatic.

Be wise and make the right choice!