DHA Lahore using S-Tech’s Qmatic for improving customer experience.

Serving thousands of customers daily and meeting customer expectations is a difficult task. DHA Lahore has expanded tremendously over the past years. To cater to the overwhelming increase in customer flow, DHA Lahore Head Office was moved to a new purpose built building in Phase 6 that houses all departments under one roof.

In the new building they needed a Customer Flow Management system that could be flexible enough to support their particular service criteria as well as future expansions. S-Tech understood the complex flow and successfully presented the solution. DHA Lahore selected S-Tech solution based on Qmatic after a comparison with other vendors.

DHA Lahore is now using S-Tech’s Qmatic for improving customer experience. The solution is used in 3 departments with complex workflow. Thousands of customers are served daily and each department has a different flow. The solution includes information display on a large video wall to inform customers about their turn as well as show relevant media.

Customers give their feedback on Qmatic Expressia terminals at the end of service which is also recorded with the transaction. Every transaction is recorded in reports and managers can check service levels live as well through Qmatic Management Portal.

S-Tech Customer Feedback Solution on tablets is also being utilised here. Different surveys and questionnaires in this solution give the management a greater picture of customer requirements.

DHA Lahore is known for setting the standards when it comes to living. With implementation of Qmatic Queue Management solution by S-Tech, DHA Lahore has set the bar high for a delighted customer experience.