S-Tech Digital Signage is being used in malls and shops. In this digital age brands need to put their messages out instantly and centrally. Growing competition in retail demands brands to stay ahead with social media marketing as well as in-store intelligent messaging.

The challenge:  Using in-store signage to your advantage

Retail is prospering in the country with a number of malls popping up in every major city. With all brands under one roof, retailers are up against the clock to launch new products and market them as well.


S-Tech Digital Signage brings ease of operation coupled with scalability to all clients. Brands do not need to worry about content server management and software licenses if they wish to have everything run from the cloud. Our solutions gives them the flexibility to schedule their content based on their marketing plans. All screens get updated content from the internet and are ready to show it on schedule. No need to print posters. Simply play videos and images on large screens in HD or UHD and bring the merchandise to life.

The process is straight forward. If the client’s wish to operate their content management system themselves then they are welcome to do so otherwise we offer end to end solutions as well which includes graphic designing and layouts.