JS Bank was looking for a world leading Customer Journey Management Solution. A growing customer base demanded that the bank invests in technology that meets their queue management requirements today as well as offer flexibility to include advanced journey management features whenever required.

The challenge: Offering a smooth customer journey

JS Bank is relatively a newer bank competing with other’s that enjoy a greater branch network. The differentiating factor for JS Bank is services and products. For a growing bank, it was necessary to invest in a solution that grew with them.


With experience of providing efficient Customer Journey Management solutions, S-Tech was approached for Qmatic solution. After comparison with other queue system suppliers in the market, JS Bank found Qmatic Solo as the right solution. The solution matches their needs of today and has flexibility to add other features once the bank needs them. 

The customer journey starts at the Qmatic printer. Once ticket is issued, the client waits comfortably in the branch. Bank staff use a browser based customer calling software to call the next customer forward.