Admission season brings loads of students to admission offices. S-Tech has helped a number of universities enhance throughput during admission days with Qmatic. Universities ensure that every person gets their turn and the value if their time is recognised.

Qmatic at Superior University


Superior University wanted to implement a stand-alone student journey solution to reduce queuing frustrations. They had a goal to boost overall student experience and enable student enquiries to be supported quickly and efficiently in an automated manner. In addition to facilitating students, they also wanted to help staff interact with students in a confidential and relaxed environment.

Qmatic at Superior University


Qmatic’s Solo queue management solution has made it easy for visitors and students to quickly identify where they need to go and how long they will be waiting. Tailored to maximise student flow through the physical space, screens now display queue information indicating where students will be served.


“Today we can clearly communicate the queuing process and our students can see that the process is both organised and fair,” Mr. Qasim (Manager Admission)

He also added that “Our staff now simply press a button to call the next visitor forward – there’s no more leaning over the counter to wave or shout.

Qmatic has helped improve student perception during their inquiries. Fair and equitable queuing process with effective & efficient management has enabled the admissions office to serve up to 800 visitor enquiries a day during peak times. Waiting times have been reduced thanks to a more efficient queue process.

About Superior University

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