Qmatic Solo has made it possible for students to quickly identify where they will be served and helped Lahore Garrison University create an efficient Student Service Centre.

The Challenge

With a growing number of students, Lahore Garrison University Student Service Centre (SSC) was overwhelmed with flow of students. It would take students very long to identify where they could get help with their administrative chores. The staff on the other hand were not able to provide efficient services as it was not possible to cater too many students approaching their desks.

From stress to comfort 

Qmatic’s Solo solution has made it possible for LGU to provide a better level of service to it’s students. Queue numbers are displayed on each counter to alert respective student. Student services agents can call students with ease, Qmatic’s LED Displays indicate next available counter.

Benefits of Qmatic Implementation

  • Staff and students are much happier to avail stress-free queue process
  • Fast management of student services
  • Improved staff satisfaction
  • Student and visitors can wait for their turn comfortably

About LGU

Lahore Garrison University is a modern university with above 5000 students and 200 employees.