Qmatic helps improve service at IPO (Intellectual Property Organisation) Lahore.

IPO is committed to providing efficient services. The facilitation office created at Lahore Chamber premises promises to revamp services and drastically improve quality and turnaround times.

Qmatic at IPO

The office is responsible to administer and coordinate with government departments for protection and strengthening of Intellectual Property (IP), create awareness about IP rights, advise federal government on IP policy and ensure effective enforcement of IP rights through designated IPR Enforcement Agencies (Police, FIA, and Pakistan Customs).

Qmatic at IPO


In order to reach its goals to improve service, IPO focused on operational efficiency, with a mission to provide better services to their customers. Following challenges had to be overcome:

  • Long queues
  • Low staff efficiency 
  • Chaos in waiting lines 
  • Difficulty in informing customers of their turn

Qmatic at IPO

IPO needed to redesign and re-think the customer journey, by focusing on better services, removing physical barriers and creating a clear and easy to use environment. 


Qmatic Solo was chosen as the solution to enhance service delivery. Qmatic displays notify waiting customers of their turn while they wait comfortably.

Qmatic at IPO


  • Improved customer experience with queues managed by Qmatic.
  • Faster and quick service by staff because they can concentrate on serving only one customer at a time without disturbance.
  • Streamlined operations management by allocating counters for different services.
  • Measured service through Qmatic reports and training any personnel who are falling behind in turnaround times.

Qmatic at IPO

About IPO

Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) was established as an autonomous body on April 8, 2005 under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division for integrated and efficient intellectual property management in the country. On July 25, 2016, the administrative control of IPO-Pakistan was transferred from Cabinet Division to Commerce Division. The Trade Marks Registry, Copyright Office and the Patent & Design Office became part of the new Organization under a unified and integrated management system.