Ministry of Foreign Affairs raises the bar in citizen services by the help of S-Tech. Our Qmatic solution makes the process of document verification quick and painless.

Verification of different documents is a requirement for most nationals visiting abroad. Ministry of Foreign Affairs continue to provide efficient and friendly services to the public. MoFA upgraded their service area in Islamabad to a state-of-the-art fully air-conditioned hall to further improve their service delivery standards. The hall was inaugurated in October 2013. 

It was going to be a challenge for the ministry to serve the growing number of visitors in a timely and efficient manner. Qmatic was implemented to manage queues and help the staff serve visitor requests that involved multiple steps.

Five counters in consular hall are marked for receiving the general documents and one counter is marked for delivery. Two counters are dedicated for receiving and returning ‘power of attorney’ documents. 

Qmatic is configured to print duplicate tickets at the Qmatic printer. One copy is for visitor while the second one is attached to submitted documents.

Once the documents are ready after verification, the delivery counter staff recalls the particular visitor using the information from the ticket attached to documents.

1500 visitors are served daily at this office and S-Tech’s team is continuously providing support since the first day and have now upgraded their system to incorporate new features.