Pakistan Airforce Base Faisal Pharmacy and Masroor Trauma Center have facilitated the servicemen and their families with the help of Qmatic. Smooth flow of patients from entrance to service provider has been achieved by using Qmatic Solo Solution provided by S-Tech.

PAF Base Faisal Karachi was named after the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. PAF Hospital at Faisal Base provides all modern diagnostic and therapeutic services.PAF uses Qmatic

PAF Base Masroor was named in honor of Air Commodore Masroor Hussain in 1967, it is the largest base operated by Pakistan Air Force. PAF Base Masroor trauma center is equipped with all modern facilities.

Efficient service delivery to a growing number of personnel and their families is a daunting task. With the help of S-Tech, the health service delivery is streamlined and PAF hospitals are able to operate smoothly with limited resources.

Medical services play a very important role. Patients and visitors require proper attention and guidance. Planning the overall experience makes it easier for the visitors and the service providers. S-Tech guides all it’s customers regarding customer flow management and global best practices.

Qmatic Solo Solution is a versatile solution that is able to make a productive connection between the visitors and the organisation.

The tickets are issued with the easy to use Qmatic Touch printer while the information regarding the served ticket number is displayed on LCD TV installed in the main waiting area. Our Smart Spotlight App controls queue announcements and content being displayed. The Spotlight App ensures that visitors are not bored and are provided some relevant information.

Keeping them informed and prepared improves the overall experience and makes their waiting worthwhile.

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