Managing workload at CMH with Qmatic

Providing health services to military personnel can be challenging as the CMH across the country cater to soldiers, officers, their families as well as civilians.

Combined Military Hospital (CMH) provides indoor and outdoor medical facilities to the entitled population. CMH is also a training center for Medical cadets, Internees and Post Graduate fellowship trainees.

CMH is responsible for health care provision in cantonments. Military personnel get their annual medical check-ups at CMH as well.

CMH Hyderabad Qmatic


The number of visitors at CMH is increasing day by day. With the rapid increase in the number of visitors it had become important for CMH management to have enough resources and well managed set up to maintain the service quality. Hustle free management, proper queue alignment was the main challenge being faced.


CMH has reshaped their client dealing strategy with the help of our Qmatic Solo Solution, Spotlight App along with TP Touch printer and counter displays provided by S-Tech to ensure hustle free queue management and maintain their service quality.

CMH Hyderabad Qmatic