Is there something like a paperless queue management system? If you had any doubts then sit back and read on!

Careem is a successful technology company with vehicle for hire services as its primary offering and is a subsidiary of Uber. It is based in Dubai, with operations running in over 100 cities, covering 15 countries including the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.     

The challenge: Paperless and Cloud based Queue Management System

The drivers at Careem, aka “Captains” are registered and trained at centers across the country. Their flow in the centres required queue management to achieve efficiency in operations. Careem wanted a queue management solution that was paperless and cloud based. 

With numerous centres, Careem wanted a robust and reliable solution that could operate from the cloud without requiring servers in their centres. They wanted the system to be remotely managed by the solution provider so that they don’t have any operational overheads linked to the queue management solution.

S-Tech designed an efficient solution with Qmatic that was managed on the cloud and was totally paperless.

Paperless Cloud Queue Management System
Paperless Cloud Queue Management System in Careem


Qmatic Orchestra is at the heart of this cloud based queue management solution. When Captains arrive, they are issued an SMS ticket via the Qmatic Reception app. The Captains can then wait comfortably at safe distances and follow their turn on the cloud connected LED screens. On their turn, they receive another SMS as well as a notification on the LED screens. Careem staff use the system through their desktop browsers connected to the cloud.

The whole process is seamless for the users and captains alike. The management monitors center performance and can pinpoint areas of improvement.       


The freedom and flexibility of a cloud based queue management system has empowered Careem to concentrate on their core expertise while the flow of captains at their centres is managed efficiently through Qmatic. Bringing new centres online on the Cloud Qmatic solution almost instantly has given Careem the freedom to operate and even test multiple locations for shorter time spans as well.

With the move to cloud made possible by S-Tech, are you ready to utilise the full potential of connecting your services to your customers?       

Paperless Cloud Queue Management System at reception