Health Information & Service Delivery Unit (HISDU), Primary and Secondary Health Department , Govt. of Punjab, is established to facilitate more than 10,000 employees from the Punjab province by providing different services i.e Job Promotion, Job Transfer, Job Order, Pension and Gratuity Funds etc through a one window service centre.

HISDU needed to modernise their system in order to meet the demands of their employees and provide a better overall experience. It was a nightmare for employees as Medical Superintends, Doctors and other staff of related departments often had to wait for a day to register their job related issues.

The Challenge

The employee experience at HISDU was time consuming, chaotic and full of long wait. A majority of employees required assistance from more than one department, resulting in visits to multiple personnel at different workstations. As Mr. Ahmar Khan, Deputy Project Director described it, “Employees who were not familiar with the process found it confusing”.

Management had no idea how long employees were waiting, how many people passed through their doors, who the employees met with or were transferred to or how long each transaction took. They needed this information not only for operational improvements but also because their budgets were tied to the volume of traffic handled by their office.  

Dr. Yasmin Rashid visiting HISDU