How to choose a CCTV solution.

We get so many marketing messages for CCTV solutions that it becomes confusing to choose the right one. We have shortlisted some important features and factors that one must look for in a good CCTV solution.

Number of Cameras and locations

Firstly we need to identify how many cameras will be needed. A 10 marla to 1 Kanal house would need a minimum of 4 to 6 cameras.  Ideal would be 6 though. 3 Cameras for the sides, 1 covering the front gate with a view of people ringing the bell or cars outside, 1 covering the front gate on the inside and 1 pointed at the main door.

Camera picture quality

Camera picture quality is measured in megapixels or TV lines. The higher the better. Having said that, there is no need to overkill. If your location can be easily viewed with 1 MP camera then there is no need to invest in 3 MP one.

Type of camera lens

Some areas need wide coverage while others need focussed view. While the camera would remain the same, it’s lens would be selected based on this requirement.

Night Vision

It is better to have monitoring at night as well. Cameras come with Infra-red LEDs to lighten up their view in the dark. While the view remains black n white but it is clear enough for monitoring. The quality and range of IR LEDs determines the range for the camera to see in dark.

Service & Warranty

A CCTV solution runs 24 hours and cameras are mostly placed outdoors. This means that they should be installed by professional teams with industry standard guidelines. As in the case with any electronic device, the cameras or your DVR may develop faults. These may require repair or replacement. It is necessary to select a supplier according to the terms and conditions of their service and warranty. You wouldn’t want your camera to be down when you needed it the most. Make sure that the supplier provides service on your doorstep instead of you having to run around the city after them. You can ask for their standard turnaround times in case a camera or DVR needs repair or replacement within warranty period.

Email Alerts

One can not monitor CCTV all the time, be it on your mobile or on the screen. Therefore it is must to have an intelligent DVR that can send you email alerts whenever a camera goes offline, recording stops in the DVR or the DVR restarts for any reason. This helps you keep a check on your CCTV solution.

We hope that this information will help you invest in the right CCTV solution.





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