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Ledeca, founded in 2007, is a manufacturer of Professional high quality LED screen products. Ledeca has carried out more then 3000 projects over 10 years all around the World.



We have complete control over all mechanical and electronic aspects of the production process. Our products are compliant with CE, LVD, EMC, RoHS standards. Where required, we design and provide turnkey projects with all necessary supplementary products including frame design for any kind of metal construction and adaptation, hardware, software, substructure and services. We have fully ESD compliant production area and all the products are protected for Electro Static Discharges. Not only ESD, but also all steps and processes take action according to IPC standards.


We provide complete turnkey solutions. We work with global brands and help them standardise their branding across countries. In addition to manufacturing LED displays, we also compliment with our frame production and assembly services.


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