Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology Lahore (INMOL) has been serving patients since 1985. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is playing a vital role in the health sector by using the nuclear technology for peaceful purposes for serving the ailing humanity all over the country especially in remote and under privileged areas. INMOL is serving under the umbrella of PAEC.

The challenge: Manage a growing patient flow

INMOL serves different types of patients in their main OPD building, as it’s a cancer hospital, patients ranging from normal checkup to chemotherapy visit on a daily basis. It used to be a challenge to manage an efficient patient flow after categorising and routing them to the same consultant who did their initial checkup some time back. 

In addition to managing queues, it was necessary to keep patients informed about their number in the waiting queue. This would free up the staff from constantly having to inform the waiting patients.


S-Tech helped INMOL with successfully managing the patient flow through a customised Qmatic solution. Patients initially go to registration counters where after necessary documentation they are issued tickets from the Qmatic Intro 8 Touch Screen Printer. The screen shows names of all specialist present today and a ticket is issued by selecting the name. 

Qmatic Spotlight waiting area display is placed in the waiting area. The layout has been customised to show the first few tickets waiting for each specialist. This helps patients follow their turn and be ready to proceed to the specialist’s room when it is their turn.


  • Improved patient experience.
  • Sense of security among patients as they can see their position in the queue on screen.
  • Increased staff productivity as now they could serve more patients in same time.

INMOL plans to expand the solution to other areas of the hospital as well in the future.

If you have similar requirements or are facing challenges in connecting people to services then contact us for a no obligation consultation. We are certain you would be amazed at the possibilities and cost efficiencies brought by Qmatic.