Where there is a will

With monthly over 11 Million users and counting, our solutions are spread from Ziarat to Gilgit, from Karachi to Kabul and Islamabad to Dhaka.

You’ll find our signature wherever customer experience is managed efficiently

Incredible Solutions: World leading and cutting edge

Each of our solutions is world leading in it’s class. We customize and develop solutions to our customers’ needs.



Qmatic Queue Management

S-Tech introduced Qmatic Queue Management in Pakistan back in year 2000. Qmatic offers you the opportunity to create a service that will engage your customers. After more than 30 years’ experience in the field, we know what really works and what positive results you can achieve by offering positive customer experiences. Read more

DigitalSignage with TV

Digital Signage Solution

Deliver rich media content using S-Tech Digital Signage. The solution is connected to the network/internet and can show anything from corporate communications, multimedia presentations and ads. Read more


Customer Feedback Solution

S-Tech Customer Feedback solutions let you discover the true voice of your customers. Through our tailored surveys in multiple languages, accurately capture their feedback at various touch points of their experience. S-Tech lets you capture how your customers feel in the moment. Read more

CCTV Solutions_trns

Surveillance and CCTV

We believe Surveillance and CCTV demand 24 hour operation and excellent support. S-Tech is the most reliable and trusted CCTV partner for your needs. Read more

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